Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Abbi's New Bed

Okay, so I am a terrible blogger. Life happens too fast. My sweet little baby is growing up way too fast! How can she possibly already be in a toddler bed! I am so proud of her she has transitioned great, but I am getting sleepless nights getting up constantly to check to see if she has rolled out which she did lots at first b/c she is like a little worm squirming everywhere. She loves her new and seems to be very proud of herself. We just put her in her own room a few weeks ago and already she was ready for the big girl bed.

We have already been to the beach which she loved. It is great to have the summer off with her it allows us to bond again. When school starts back it is always a madhouse around here. I am adding a few new pics below. Enjoy!


My name is Sarah said...

Oh Abbi you are so adorable. I love your beach hat. Such a big girl in your new bed. I hope you have a fun summer.

Anonymous said...

Abbi is beautiful. Sabrina enjoy your summer with Abbi. As I have found growing up with Brittany, time goes by so quickly. The things that I thought she would never do ( she did) the things that I thought she would not have any problems doing ( she didn't).
Eric had to set me straight a few times... I got the message. Is Brittany happy? Yes, most definitely. Does she sweat the small stuff as we do? No, not at all. God works everything out to our good.
Enjoy Abbi for time goes by so quickly. You have and still are a great mother. What is a great mother? One that loves her child beyond measure, just as God does us. When you feel guilty, frustrated, or feel torn in many directions; ask yourself, Is she happy? Yes! Wouldn't we all love to be carefree and happy?
God will provide you with the answers. Enjoy Abbi. As what to do differently... Nothing but continue to love her. She provides a smile for others and touches the hearts of others that we as mothers do not sometimes see.
We sometimes wish we could change people and the world, but would we change it? No not really, because God has a plan for all of us and we would make a mess of things.
Sit back, relax and enjoy.
Be still and know I am God. You will see the many miracles that God has placed in your life and Abbi's; and there will be more to come. Abbi is doing great! By man's standards, we have many things to overcome; by God's we have none. I am so glad that I don't have to judged by man's standards.
Watch out! God has many miracles to come in your life! He has already given you numerous ones. Your husband, Abbi, your family. As mothers, educators and the other hats we wear, we feel pulled in so many directions. I watch Brittany as I am pulled in directions. Is she unhappy and affected by many duties? No, she knows I love her and that she loves me. Would I do anything differently? No, because hindsight is not our best teacher, God is.
Sorry this is so long. Just remember,did your mother choose who you would marry, date, what to do in life? Mine didn't. She just loved me. I made many mistakes and still do, but it doesn't change our love for each other.
God will work out everything in your life. As I sit here and Sunday is Eric's transplant birthday ( seven years ago) I reflect on the past and thank God for him and Brittany. I have learned to try to take one day at a time. That is hard to do, because of man's standards, planning, planning, for our future is the right thing to do. We can plan for our future, but God has the plan in his hands and what we plan is never the same as God's. His plan is so complete. I am a now person, I want it now. God intervenes as has to show me to wait. Notice I said show me!
God has given us both a great family and friends. As I have been told many times, Be still, and know I am God! You know when I do,
it works. God has many wonderful things to tell you!

Pam said...

She is so adorable. I love the bed.

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