Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy to See Mommy!

Today, I came home from a very tiring day at school. My students had really tested my patience today. I walked in the door at Mom's and Abbi practically ran over to me and hugged me. She was so happy to see me!! This is the first time since she was born 2 1/2 years ago that I felt like she missed me. I almost cried. I guess this is what it's like to feel loved by your child. Oh, I know that Abbi loves me and knows that I'm her mom, but most of the time she honestly doesn't seem to care whether or not I'm in the room or not. That is unless it's time to eat.

Maybe one day soon she will say Mama!! Oh what a happy day that will be! It would be better than anything else that I can imagine. Better than college graduation or winning a large sum of money.

That sweet little face just melted my heart today! I am so glad that God gave her to me to love.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abbi at Buddy Walk 2007

Music Therapy

Today, we had our first session of music therapy. I was hoping Abbi would love it b/c she responds so well to music and she absolutely love Kindermusic. Alas she was tired and not in the least bit ready to sing and make merry! She cried and wouldn't do what Miss Nancy wanted her to do. Hopefully next week will be better. I have read such great things about this type of therapy and a friend of mine recommended it to me.

Our Buddy Walk is this Sat. I look so forward to this every year. Our FRIENDS group works so hard for several months putting this together. I can't wait to see all the smiling faces and see old friends. I will post with pics this weekend.

Right now I am so exhausted with doing my 18 days of bus duty at school. Being at school by 7am every morning is wearing all of us out. By the time, I get in class with my kindergarteners it feels like it's 3pm already. But I put on a big smile and we start the day with a song b/c I know their parents would love to be spending the day with them but they have to send them to me. So for a few hours each day I stand in their place and provide as much love as I can for my 13 little chickadees. I tie shoes, teach the ABC's and the 123's, as well as help teach them how to be friends. I love my job, but all day long Abbi crosses my mind and I hope that when she starts school one day she will love being there as much as I do. I have the sweetest group of kids this year. Their little faces are always full of fun and mischief. I never get tired of hearing "Mrs. B can you help me make this letter?" or "Mrs. B. can I do this or that?".

I really miss so much with Abbi by working, but my mom does such a great job with her that it's hard to feel bad about it. Thank God for Nana & Pop Pop!

Our Family

Our Family

Abbi & Daddy

Abbi & Daddy
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