Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Passed!!

I got my results today from my 6 Hour Essay test to get my Administrative Endorsement. I passed!!!! I was so excited that I jumped all around the house. Abbi got excited too and started clapping for me. I am so glad that the test and my ED.S. are over and done. Hopefully this next school year, I will be able to focus on more fun things.

Right now I am trying to begin using some of the techniques that I learned in Boston with Abbi. It seems that she may be ready to begin learning to match pictures with words. According to the research presented once she has a vocabulary of 50 - 100 words (identifying pictures with sign or speech) then we can move onto words. Hopefully I will get it all together and begin soon. She has really tried to start saying more sounds. Yesterday I told her to say please when she wanted a cookie and she signed "cookie" and said "eese" while signing "please".

She is still pottying, but she doesn't understand how to tell us she needs to go yet. Hopefully we will figure that out soon. I am just glad that she wants to pee in the potty. Apparently while I was gone to Boston she "pooped" in the potty, but hasn't done that since I came back. Maybe soon.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from Boston!

Just got back from Boston today. Amy and I had a great time. The conference was amazing and we still had some time to do a little sight seeing. Boston is a great city but I think our DS crowd made it even better!!

I learned so much at the conference to help me fine tune Abbi's therapy. Especially speech! It was also very helpful to know that I am on the right track with what we are doing so far.

Will try and post some pic later. I am exhausted right now and Abbi needs some extra attention since I have been gone for 4 days.

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Our Family

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Abbi & Daddy
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