Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Spring!

Sweet Baby Girl!

Abbi & Pop at Dollywood

Summer is Here!

We have had record heat the past few days. Hot Hot Hot! My friend Marci and I took Abbi to Dollywood yesterday, but I left my camera in the car!! Oh well. We had fun but roasted in the heat. Abbi discovered that water is fun. She played quite a while in the new part of the park where the water squirts out of a little wall. She would just stand in front of the water and let it squirt down the back of her diaper and just laugh. It was the cutest ever.

Abbi was ready to go home by the end of the day. When we got in the car she signed "all done" and said bye bye and just grinned like a possum. She is so much like her daddy. Loves to be at home!

Next week we are going to Splash Country with our friends and then on to Myrtle Beach the week of the 22nd. Can't wait for her to see the ocean!! Everytime she sees water she does the sign for "bath". I just know that when she sees the ocean she will sign "bath" like it's the biggest bath she has ever seen.

Today I took my exam to become certified to be an administrator. I must be totally crazy sometimes. A six hour essay exam has left me completely brain dead.

Happy Father's Day to all you great dads out there!! Especially my dad and my wonderful husband who is such a great dad to our little Abba Dabba!

Our Family

Our Family

Abbi & Daddy

Abbi & Daddy
Summer 2006