Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today, my little girl who could barely walk last summer climbed up her big slide and slid down completely by herself! I am so proud of her. She has come such a long way since last summer. It seems that each day she is becoming more vocal and learning to listen better. Although she does not always listen well, but she is only three and what 3 year old does that!! She is becoming such a big girl and not so much of a baby anymore. I truly believe she is ready to begin preschool in the Fall. I am glad we waited another year. If only she could say more. She tries so hard and makes all kinds of sounds but can't seem to put them together. I just know that one day she will come out with this long sentence and stun us all. Tomorrow I will try and get some video to post!


Shannon said...

That's great! Definitely get some video!

Debbie said...

How awesome for you and for Abbi!!! I'm with you about the talking thing....JEB too still doesn't talk like he should and he just turned 9!!

He says some things, and then some things very clearly, but most people don't understand what he's saying. It is probably the most frustrating thing to me, as a mom, besides potty training. Hang in there mama, it'll come.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sabrina,

Please post some more pictures of Abbi for Katie to see!!! Katie is wanting to see more pictures of on your blog.

Mary & Katie

Pam said...

That is great to hear of her progress.

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